Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Remedy According to Him

The validation of what we want each other to say is the complicated part when starting out. I asked him the question," what should I say if someone talks to me wanting to be more than friends". The response he gave me was not the response I expected which is full of games but maybe a response of what I call a remedy to my validation. Expecting the tragedy after that night since my track record was nothing more than strike outs after my first relationship. I was becoming the old single gay man with nothing more than fairy tale stories about what I think love is and how intoxicating it is to be in one. The beginning of this story is what is considered the up and downs of one, he bought me a drink and we started talking knowing nothing but each others age which took him by surprise since I was older. I just wanted to be another person in his life since I knew how this story would end, nothing intentional, pretending that I needed to be alone. Peculiar that I looked at him dead in his eyes with a smile that let him know I'm still fragile with a bit of confusion in my gut, hoping my precondition would be something good, he would just get to know me.

To Be Continued.....