Friday, October 30, 2009

I Want it Right Now

His body kept me warm last night while I laid on his chest. The compassion I felt on his lips as he kissed mine, had me grip the sheets, arching my back as he ran his tongue down my chest, rubbed his curve between my legs directing it with my hands letting him he can have it now or later. I looked at him rubbing the top of his head letting me know he wanted the tip of my tongue to give it a massage. The twirl I gave had him moan crossing the line to a slight grunt. After the pleasure he endured it was my turn, aggressively he had me on my back grinding hard guess he wanted to put his claim on it damn "I liked it rough". The intensity he put on my cakes satisfying me had me wrap my legs around his waist giving me something to look at in the mirror, the reflection of his exterior and with the "I want to right now" thought. "Fuck time to go to work".

To Be Continued....