Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Secret

An epiphany, trying so hard to not let another in because I guess Love is jaded, well in my world it is. It starts with a perfect kiss the summer of 08', I gave my time and in return just a lesson learned with a bruise to my self esteem. No one knows about the secret you had me promise not to tell. It took me so long to pick myself back up after you left me with a disease of being lazy to leave, too many times you had me feel like not loving you no more but so many times I just froze and rolled with it, trying so hard to keep you here. I came so far with the knowledge behind the pain you gave me. The poison that had me fooled with the happily ever after it became far from the truth. I had good reason to keep it moving saying "I don't need you" but I stayed with you for that long being submissive to your needs thinking I wouldn't do much better. Did I want to get him back since revenge supposedly is bitter sweet? No I just walked off with an "mmmmok" knowing that he would get what he deserved in the end.

To be continued...