Monday, January 11, 2010

Intervention 101

"Have I done this before?" I asked myself this question as it was presented to me from a guy that I thought I clarified our status. I became the guy that had no salvation when it came to keeping something platonic with guys. I was the guy that stood in the cold, wind blowing in my face with two guys that felt as if I played them having my hands tied behind my back wishing I could press rewind on the what I call "indiscretion" sort a speak. A mistake that brought me no redemption but to an unfortunate cross road where I felt fingers pointing at me no matter which way I turned. I was stuck with just me, myself, and I trying to hide from what I felt was nothing more than a barrel of stones thrown at me. "Did I perform some act of deception?". I believed it that moment and with that thought came others as to how my life went from good to bad, how I sank to depression. The surprise hit me before I went to sleep and as I got up thinking that it was just a dream it wasn't, it was an intervention 101 on my ass.

P.S. I'm sorry........ And to the innocent bystander I'm sorry you were caught up