Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love is a Melody

Love is what I consider to be so many melodies in ones ear. I felt like the piece that you latched on inside my heart start to fall when I woke up separately, hold on this a repeat measure of how much you love someone. The way you became a part of me was hell in a particular way and what explanation would I give since I have nothing but millions of good reasons in my head. Congratulations I made the list within the "stupid in love" quote. I thought maybe if I was consistent you would see that I was trying to love you, guess maybe right now is impossible. The certain urge of irritation clouded my emotions because the way you held me and the way we kissed, the imprint on my lips, the pressure of what we thought was being together. "So after the not really knowing the person are those feelings real you got the first or was it a waste of time?"
"We'll we be ok after this?" I asked him. "When you leave we will be." He responded. A melody of love was different in my ear this time around.

To Be Continued.......