Friday, January 8, 2010


The task of having him feel you up whenever since I conveniently right there jilted and jabbed my ego and my mind. After the last encounter you kinda get that disease called panic, yes you hurt me at times....It was going on 2 months trying to figure out how two people who went to bed together each night were so distant from each other, it was my complication I laid in bed with hoping that the next morning it wouldn't be just a glance of infatuation but one of endearment because for some reason I find myself ending up in situations that makes these short stories possible. That hope was fail, instead I just get up and straight to the kitchen for tea I go. I realized that after certain flashbacks I was there again, living the moment when I was with Mr. Briggs, having my demeanor picked and poked at because he meant more to me than I did at the time. It was deja vu on some levels while I sip on tea each morning in the kitchen replaying these incidents. Instead of having the official status all I had was the "roommate status". WTF? Another WTF moment is when I get invited out by friends it's never have fun!, instead it's hmmmmok which when you read between the lines its jealousy with an extra "who the hell is he and why are you going?" All that spinning in the head just makes you wanna run into a wall trying to make any sense as to why each night he's the one you hear snore and the one you make sure he has the covers on him because he looks cold. Right now its 4am with still no explanation to this complication except WTF?

To Be Continued....